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3 Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

One good reason why smokers find it tough to quit the habit of smoking is because the withdrawal process is a very difficult procedure. There have been methods on how to quit successfully but the best among them would probably be the natural ways. These methods are scientifically-proven to break the addiction by helping the smokers get easy with the withdrawal symptoms leading to a smoke-free life for good.


* Hypnotherapy – one of the sought after therapy that can cure addiction. It is a psycho-therapeutic way in which smokers are left in trance to imagine negative thoughts about smoking. However, patients of hypnotherapy are not left unconscious. They are still aware of everything that is happening within their surroundings. Therapist cannot also make the patient do certain things without the patients’ will. Even though some studies suggest that hypnotherapy does not work with everybody, there are evidences that tell about the numbers of smokers who have benefited from the hypnosis therapy.

* Acupuncture- this treatment is somewhat expensive but helps in reducing cravings and lightens withdrawal symptoms like apprehension and bad temper. It also helps in relaxation and body cleansing. Acupuncture works when hair-thin needles are casually inserted into several points in the body. During treatments, tiny pellets are placed to the acupuncture points in the ears and when a smoking craving sets in, the pellets are to be pressed gently and this will kindle the acupuncture points to still the mind and eradicate the cravings.

* Herbal Remedies – there are several herbs that can help lessen the cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. Black or cayenne pepper helps in controlling nicotine cravings by add some pinches of it daily on a glass of drinking water. Another helpful herb that helps smoker stop the habit of smoking is by chewing licorice.


However, it is not advisable to chew and consume licorice for more than six months as this can raise blood pressure and diminish potassium levels. Rhodiola rosea also aids the body in coping up with stress. It also helps improves mood and raises energy levels. St.John’s Wort may be known for treating depression but it can also help fight addiction by increasing the dopamine levels that provides the same happy and excited feelings as nicotine does.