Consequences of Global Warming

Not so long ago, global warming is only a topic that is brought upon whenever a reference of the Earth’s future is talk about. But then the future has come and the consequences brought upon by global warming have started settling in. It cannot be denied anymore that humankind have started experiencing the magnitudes of their own neglect and horrible activities.


Global warming has done remarkable and exorbitant concerns to our health, our climate and our environment. And if we, humans, will not do anything to ease the global warming productions, then we will all be suffering from more intensified and destructive impacts that will affect the entire planet.

Global warming has accelerated the sea level rise and increased the intensity of coastal flooding. The average sea level has risen to approximately eight inches in some countries and will continue to do so.

Global warming has also increased the average temperatures around the world and brought this temperature into extreme measurements. Some places have experienced the hottest of summers while some have the coldest winters. These increasing and extreme temperatures cause longer and more damaging wildfire seasons. It can also cause major implications to our health because of the high levels of air pollution, longer and extreme allergy season, recurrent and hazardous heat waves and intense rainstorms and floods which are results of rising temperature. Global warming also increases the risk of drought to certain regions while some areas experience heavier rainfall and flooding.

In addition, Polar Regions are also experiencing rise in temperature which results to faster melting of glaciers which cannot be coped up in replenishing by new ice and snow. This situation will bring a remarkable threat in the sea level rise in the near future. The increase in temperature as result of global warming can also affect the production of food supplies. The change in climate disrupts the coral reefs and the behavior of plants and animals that will lead to distraction in their food chain and habitats which if worsen will result in extinction.


Moreover, this global warming will have a tremendous effect in the routine and the over-all life of humans. The serious threat in food supply and health are only some of the more remarkable consequences that humankind will soon deal through global warming.